Mobile App Optimization 101

The target audience for the majority of mobile apps are millennials. Millennials are basically adapted to a fast track life and patience is a scarce characteristic. More than 50% will give up on app that does not launch within 3 seconds. You shall assume the extent of their expectations and their unforgiving attitude towards incompetent technology. Therefore, before you put your app on Google Play, Apple store or any other platform, test it thoroughly to guarantee its success. If an app is good, it will receive a handful of positive reviews, whereas if an app is bad, you can expect an endless list of haters coming to get you.

If your app tends to malfunction once in a blue moon, your snafu might be forgettable. On the other hand if the user encounters bugs, errors, freezes or crashes 2-3 times in a row, your app is done with! In this very moment it doesn’t seem like much to admit that no mobile application in existence is utterly unique. There are at least 2 dozen replicas of the same thing in every OS store, with only slight variation in design. Only the few top runners survive because the stakes are high…

Testing in necessary to control the quality of the product you’re creating. To ensure outright quality, the process of software construction has to be monitored from starting point to finish line. Whether you’re developing a Native mobile app, hybrid or web mobile app, there are a list of key features you need to optimize at all costs.



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