What is AWS?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform that was first introduced in 2002, but officially re-launched by Amazon.com in 2006.  At the beginning, the available resources were limited, but today there are over a 100 services, products and tools combined. These are basically a number of web hosting related services including networking, database, storage, migration, content delivery etc.

The range of products and services offered by AWS exceeds those provided by it’s biggest competitors such as Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Cloud Computing is a growing industry that is gradually attracting more and more large businesses, owing to major benefits.

Why Adopt AWS?

It makes business management easier as compared to physical data centers. When your applications are built upon an AWS host server, you don’t have to worry about maintenance because it is virtual and automated. You get rid of all the costs associated with a premises-based server that charges you continuously, regardless of usage. With AWS, you only pay for what you use, i.e. fixed costs become variable costs.

Moreover, the cloud compute system is highly scalable, flexible and agile. All your data is backed up and can be customized or expanded according to your needs – via the surplus tools you have access to. Applications built in AWS are fast and responsive, which enhances user experience. It is the winning cloud ecosystem for IaaS and PaaS because of its advanced security, monitoring and high level performance.

AWS provides hybrid solutions where you can partially build your web/mobile apps on the cloud platform. You can also migrate your data to the cloud or let it be a base for constructing from scratch. Amazon is a tech giant and possesses the largest computing capacity compared to all familiar service providers. It has servers in every continent and multiple localities, which makes it highly accessible.  Many big companies like Airbnb, Unilever, Netflix, Twitter, Baidu and LinkedIn are using AWS for their applications.

Most Popular Services:


S3 (Simple Storage Service) is the most widely used service of AWS. It is excellent for enterprise-level businesses as it provides a scalable storage system. It can accommodate unlimited data for native apps, as well as applications using it as a 3rd party storage gateway. It can be adopted solely or in combination with other AWS products and services. S3 improves response time for hosted sites and apps, which helps increase conversion rates. It is also extremely cost-effective as it implies a usage-based billing formula.


EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) forms the core of AWS and can be used to create a virtual machine or ‘instance’. It lets you rent virtual computing units alongside network connectivity and storage space on a ‘pay as you go’ principle. It can quickly build web-based and mobile applications that normally take a lot of time with traditional servers. It is exceedingly adaptive to change, i.e, it easily adjusts with upscaling and downscaling of apps.


EBS (Elastic BeanStalk) provides block storage volumes specifically for EC2, unlike S3. It enables you to increase or decrease cloud capacity within minutes. It is designed to provide fool-proof back-up with its strong encryption and access control policies. Through SSD technology it provides low latency performance so that your application functions consistently under all conditions.


AWS Lambda enables developers to run code in a cloud ecosystem without employing or managing a server. You can run code for all types of apps without an administration panel. This saves a lot of time and money because you are only charged for the compute time during which your code is being executed. All you have to do is upload your code and Lambda will do the rest.


RDS (Relational Database Service) is supposed to simplify the set-up, operation and scaling of a relational database of a cloud based application. It automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks. It has a feature called Multi-AZ which replicates every database and the replica is kept in sync which prevents any chances of data loss. It allows easy vertical and horizontal scaling which is difficult in most self-hosted databases.


CodeDeploy is an AWS service ideal for managing DevOps related issues. It speeds up the process of releasing new features in your applications. It does this by eliminating interludes during deployment and automatically coordinating with instances. All the risks and errors associated with deploying new content are phased out.


CloudSearch allows you to add a ‘search’ feature to your app or webpage. You can set it up in a few clicks and upload data that you want users to see in searches. You can easily change, add, remove and alter search parameters without worrying about scaling or adjustment of settings.


Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) provides a unique API for sending push messages to your subscribers or customers from the cloud. Hence, your web or mobile applications can be integrated with a powerful notification system that is cost-effective and guarantees immediate delivery.  


Amazon Glacier is another cheap storage facility that creates vaults to store archives of up to 40TB. It is suitable for both small and large amounts of data that don’t need to be accessed on a regular basis. About 1000 vaults are allowed per account and each can be protected with a password or key etc.


DynamoDB is a swift and ductile NoSQL/non-relational database for cloud applications. It controls low API functions for managing tables and indexes in the database. It continuously restores all data and has the in-memory cache that grants better and faster availability to users. The owner can control which parts of the data can be viewed or modified by others.  


SES is a simple email service that developers can integrate into applications for convenient communication with colleagues and customers. It is a cheap service and can be used for websites of all scales. It includes top-notch features like dedicated IP address and content filtering technology.


Amazon EFS (Elastic File System) is a tool for providing scalable file storage with EC2 and can reach petabyte size. It is best for applications where file systems are accessed by multiple sources at a time. It enables automated replication of data for different availability regions and optimized transfer.


Amazon CloudWatch is a service that allows the owners or administrators of an application to monitor everything in real-time from the cloud. You can create logs for different aspects and collect their metrics from AWS services and external sources.  


KMS (Key Management System) is designed to fulfill the encryption needs of your web and mobile applications. It can easily encrypt all your cloud storage volumes on back-end and client side. You can import your own keys or KMs can make them for you. The keys are rotated annually which saves you from decrypting or re-encrypting data every time.


Amazon ElastiCache is a simplified memory cache system designed to equip applications with ultra-fast response, making it ideal for gaming, streaming and social apps. Similar to other cache environments it stores most frequently viewed content, but with better back-up and failure recovery; it remains unaffected by traffic fluctuations.


Rekognition is a service that allows AWS users to enable image analysis in their web or mobile apps. It is capable of analyzing billions of images in one day. It is supplied with deep learning AI that provides profound facial analysis apart from remembering other objects. It can be used within applications that require facial recognition technology.


Cloudformation helps developers and administrators to organize and manage all the AWS services and tools at their disposal. It keeps the entire infrastructure in order and facilitates the smooth running of the application. It is free and you only have to pay for the tools/services it is keeping it check.  

AWS provides an exceptional Cloud Infrastructure that is suitable for both startups and enterprise organizations. It provides excellent solutions for managing all aspects and is fairly economical. The only possible issues that one may encounter could be with regard to the surplus options. As someone new to the whole concept, it might be difficult to decide what is most suitable for your agency. Xoho Tech has a team of AWS experts who can answer all your questions, offer the finest consultancy and help you embrace the cloud life by providing the AWS services best suited for your business.  

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