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Mobile App Optimization 101

If your app tends to malfunction once in a blue moon, your snafu might be forgettable. On the other hand if the user encounters bugs, errors, freezes or crashes 2-3 times in a row, your app is done with!

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Leading Programming Languages 2019

Here's a list of programming languages that every programmer must know.

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Problem-Solving Skills of Brilliant Programmers

Writing and running code can be a time-consuming process and the frustrating part is when you get stuck in the middle and can’t figure out where you went wrong. So, what do you do?

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Programmers, Here’s How You Get Hired!

Programming is a diverse field and it keeps growing with upgraded versions of computer languages. Every year several new development frameworks and tools surface, while many older ones drown. So my first question is that why do you consider yourself a competent programmer how are you eligible to be hired by any kind of IT agency?

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The Cost of a Website

If you’re thinking about launching your own ship into the sea, the first thing that crossed your mind should’ve been “how much is it going to cost?”. I mean that’s why you’re here, right?

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The Fine Line Between Programmers and Hackers

Learning the difference between a hacker and a programmer is especially important if you’re in charge for hiring in an IT solutions agency. The need for a programmer or hacker depends on the nature of a project you’re going to work on.

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The Horizon of a Full Stack Developer

‘Developer’ is a composite term in the IT industry because the knowledge of different developers can vary to a great extent. Development is a tree having countless branches; you can grab one or maybe eleven, perhaps not all.

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The Rise of Enterprise Mobile Apps

The adoption of Enterprise Mobile Apps has become a fad among large-scale organizations. All things considered, this trend is likely to keep growing in the future.

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Introduction to Web Development & Web Design

Web Development and Web Design are probably among the most frequently used terms of the 21st century. They have become an integral part of small and big businesses worldwide and the scope is limitless. People tend to confuse the terms with one another or use them as an alternative for each other. Truth be told, they are completely separate roads, running parallel to each other.

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