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Mobile App Optimization 101

If your app tends to malfunction once in a blue moon, your snafu might be forgettable. On the other hand if the user encounters bugs, errors, freezes or crashes 2-3 times in a row, your app is done with!

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Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are phrases that have become mainstream because they’re embedded in the best of what modern technology has to offer. Although both originate from a common school of thought, they do not mean the same thing.

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Serverless Applications – A Game Changer

The idea of serverless architecture & computing for web or mobile apps isn’t brand new. It has been around for a couple of years, but somewhat low key. Serverless applications are definitely a real thing and look promising with respect to corporations like Microsoft, Amazon and Google investing in them. 2018-2019 might be the time for Serverless Computing to shine as it is gradually grabbing more attention by Tech firms seeking cost-effective routes to manage their webpages and/or mobile apps.

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The Future of Coding

Code is the foundation of the most advanced technologies that fascinate us and have embedded deep into our lives. Not long ago, programming was seen as a new kind of art which involved learning complex machine languages and writing code was perceived as a never-ending laborious task.

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The Rise of Enterprise Mobile Apps

The adoption of Enterprise Mobile Apps has become a fad among large-scale organizations. All things considered, this trend is likely to keep growing in the future.

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Why Technology Keeps Failing Us

It’s a known fact that Artificial Intelligence has already surpassed the human brain, and that statement probably doesn’t even come as a shock. Truth be told, an allegation like that is completely absurd because AI is merely an accumulation of data that was contributed by the human kind.

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Ruby on Rails – A Notion that Prevails

‘Ruby on Rails’ is a term frequently tossed around crowds belonging to the IT industry. Without a doubt, it is an excellent ecosystem for developing websites and applications that execute dynamic performance. So, what is the diameter of ‘Ruby on Rails’ and how is it comparable to paramount coding platforms like JavaScript, CSS, PHP and HTML?

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A Beginner’s Guide to ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is something every business needs to operate in a cost-effective manner. It is generally a business management software that comprises powerful and strategic tools for handling all the core functions and activities within an organization.

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Java Spring – A Framework For Everything

Spring is a Java framework and IoC (Inversion of Control) container that is extensively used in creating enterprise applications. It is basically an open source environment that does not have a specific programming model, yet provides an all-inclusive infrastructure for developing apps.

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