Hello Programmers! Is it time to start this year’s biggest project or are you considering adding another set of skills to your portfolio? Whatever the reason, you ought to know what’s trending and which coding language is in demand. Here’s a list of the top contenders in the market:


Javascript is the scripting language used to create the most dynamic content for websites. This includes all interactive features such as animation, slide shows and pop-up texts. JS automates website processes by adapting to patterns crafted by its history. All of the widely used web browsers have built-in engines that integrate with JavaScript. This means that any JS command typed into an HTML document can be recognized by the browser.

JS tools, frameworks and libraries can together be used to create fascinating features such as text animations, image fade-outs, drop-down menus and so much more. Javascript can be solely used to develop the complete front-end and back-end of websites. It is one of the oldest, most diverse and plenary computer languages in existence.


Python is the computer language that has recently touched fame due it’s simplicity. It is quite easy to learn and use, especially if you’re already familiar with at least one other computer language. The creator Van Rossum introduced Python with the aim to offer something that is as straightforward as plain English. Minimum script and readability are the key factors that make it useful for a variety of software products.

Python has been implemented by VIPs like NASA, Google, Instagram and YouTube. It can be used to develop AI projects, web pages, software applications and even games. Dramatic visual effects and 3D animations are another speciality of this language. It is the driving force of numerous apps that are a part of our daily lives.  


SQL is the abbreviation for Structured Query Language, which is a customary computer language used to access, store and manipulate databases. It was originally created by IBM, and later became a preferred choice for organizations running minicomputers and/or mainframes for database management systems. It can be used to insert, update and delete records; database can be organized by creating tables and entry permissions can be set-up.

SQL is one of the first commercial query languages which proved to be highly useful and efficient in handling complex data where many variables are interconnected. It dominates other read/write APIs because one command can be used to access multiple records. Moreover, it can fetch records with or without an index, without requesting for specifications.


Non-IT persons often use ‘Java’ as a short form for JavaScript which is a misleading error because Java itself is an independent computer language that is an integral part of every network-based application. Java is a general purpose language that promises to Write Once, Run Anywhere – compiled code will run on all supported platforms without the need for recompilation.

Java is object oriented and platform independent unlike the majority of other computer languages. Once you understand the basic concepts of OOP Java, mastering it will be a painless process. Java is portable and architect-neutral which allows it to work with an infinite range of processors. It is frequently used to create interactive and high-performance applications.


PHP, previously referred to as ‘Personal Home Pages’, now stands for ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’. It is a server-side scripting language that is only readable by a server having installed PHP. Only a web browser is sufficient to access the scripts and each PHP file name ends with the extension ‘.php’.

PHP is used in the development of static and dynamic websites or web applications. It is not that complicated to learn and is supported by nearly all hosting servers by default. It is updated regularly in relation with technology trends and can easily be integrated with SQL. Being a cross platform, it’s applications can be deployed on all leading operating systems including Windows, MAC and Linux.


C# is a high-level computer language primarily designed by Microsoft to replace Java in their applications. It requires the .NET framework on Windows to run and is best for developing Win Desktop apps and games. It is a statically-typed language and may ask for a bit extra code to get things going.

In combination with cross-platform tools, C# apps can be made available on mobile phones of all brands. C# is the ‘chosen one’ for game development with Unity Game Engine which is the top contender in VR. C# is extensively employed by renowned gaming agencies like EA, Blizzard and Lego. It is highly recommended for anyone interested in the gaming industry or creating Windows applications.    


C++ is a generic middle-level computer language that is notably hard to learn. It is based on C, object-oriented and generally operates very fast. Knowing C++ is rewarding because it is a fundamental component of prominent apps including Facebook, Photoshop and Amazon; many modern games, OS and web browsers are dependent on it.

C++ helps broaden your understanding of the computer’s architecture and offers a rich function library. It is ideal for the development of multi-device apps and is highly portable. It is a commonly used language in offline and packaged software such as operating systems, office apps, video/photo editors, games etc.


C was originally created in the early 1970s with the objective of re-designing the UNIX OS so that it could run on multiple computers at a time. The C language has provided an infrastructure for the development of many newer programming languages like C++, GO, Java, Javascript, C#, PHP and Python.

C offers an array of features that are a blend of high and low level computer languages. It is suitable to write scripts for drivers as well as composite applications. It is extremely portable, possesses many built in functions, and provides excellent memory allocation. It enables splitting large apps into smaller fragments, which allow free movement of data. Currently, it is a substantial part of the Windows, Linux and Unix operating system.  


Ruby is another high-level language that let’s developers build from scratch with minimum usage of code. It’s a full-stack web framework that is easy to use even for beginners. It makes work fun by helping to create prototypes rather quickly and seeming quite similar to spoken languages.

It is often used in game development because of it’s high quality code. It does not follow hard rules, making it more lenient towards errors. However, Ruby is resource hungry and as an application grows, it slows down in performance; identifying errors and maintenance becomes a burden.


TypeScript is basically JavaScript and was actually built by Microsoft to bridge the gaps in JS. It is a strongly typed, object oriented and compiled computer language that is supported by all environments that work with JS. Type Script is useful because it checks errors in JS and can define all it’s external libraries.

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