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The Concept of Agile Scrum and Sprints

Scrum is a technique that is rather spontaneous in nature. It does not involve a predesigned step-by-step plan of action to reach completion.

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Exposé on Laravel’s October CMS

October is nothing like your typical CMS, but it cannot be called a framework either. ‘CMS’ is the closest word to define it, as it is more of an online operating system for building web applications.

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Programmer’s Burnout – Learn to See it & Defeat it

Challenges are generally healthy and a frequent requirement of the job. Nonetheless, all programmers are ultimately human beings and they need a break.

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7 Ways to Engage & Connect with Your Website Audience

You want people coming back and staying on your page for much longer than a few seconds. You will not be able to sell much if you don’t establish a relationship with the customer/viewer.

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A Beginner’s Guide to ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is something every business needs to operate in a cost-effective manner. It is generally a business management software that comprises powerful and strategic tools for handling all the core functions and activities within an organization.

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Comparing TDD and BDD

TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development) are both modern ways of testing software. These methodologies are widely employed by developing agencies that work on Agile principles.

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Java Spring – A Framework For Everything

Spring is a Java framework and IoC (Inversion of Control) container that is extensively used in creating enterprise applications. It is basically an open source environment that does not have a specific programming model, yet provides an all-inclusive infrastructure for developing apps.

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How to Not become that Developer you Hate

Regardless of your skill level, as a developer you know the kind of people you like to work with. Nobody likes to be around individuals with an annoying attitude, that becomes a havoc for the job at hand, plus everyone’s mood. In this article, I will highlight some common characters that are greatly disturbing for a workplace.

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Mobile App Beta Testing 101

Beta testing can be described as a kind of acceptance testing which is conducted after Alpha testing. While Alpha testing is carried out by immediate stakeholders of an app, Beta testing is an extension to external areas.

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