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Distinguishing UX from UI and Vise Versa

UX Design and UI Design are confused with each other because of the ‘Design’ part. Both terms sprung from the IT industry, and despite the disparity they do go hand in hand.

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Why Developers Need GitHub

GitHub is universally known as the Social Network for developers, with over 31 million users to date. If you’re here to find out what it’s all about, I’m guessing you’re new to programming or just generally curious.

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The A-List Ruby Frameworks

Ruby is a powerful programming platform that has been around for almost two decades. Ruby frameworks that are globally trusted by developers and implemented by internationally recognized corporations.

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Laravel – 13 Reasons Why

Laravel is the PHP framework that accounts for the sudden attention that came its way from the developers’ community. It has everything that programmers look for in a development framework nowadays.

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AngularJS – Discover The Magic

AngularJS might be the best JavaScript framework out there, because adroit developers have vouched for it. It was brought in by none other than Google in 2012, and already has a massive community.

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Why Every Tech Firm Needs Slack

Slack has become the defacto communication platform at work places, particularly tech firms. Designed for the work space, it provides so much more than basic messaging and file transfer.

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AngularJS and Node.js

JavaScript has come a long way from its lowly status as a quick patch for the limitations of HTML when it was used for little more than creating popup windows or making the user's cursor change colors. A whole host of JavaScript technologies has appeared on the web link style development scene in the past decade, and Angular and Node are firmly in line with that tradition.

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Why more Women should pursue Tech Careers

Every year more women than men graduate from college, yet their share in STEM is less than 25% at present. When it comes to computing and programming, that’s where woman representation is at its lowest. In the 90s, tech women accounted for 30-35% of the workforce, but now the number has dropped below 20%.

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Is F# a Thing and is it Living?

You’ve never heard of F#? I don’t blame you. Maybe you do recall something, but believe that it’s ancient history and probably obsolete. Well, you’re in for a surprise because F# could be the next best enterprise language having utmost potential for AI, ML and Data Science.

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