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The Best Front-End Frameworks of JavaScript 2019

While HTML and CSS might be sufficient to create a basic Web page, it is Javascript that puts life into it. Therefore, everyone starting their career as a developer is bound to learn this computer language. Today, it is a major part of front-end and back-end software development.

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The Future of Coding

Code is the foundation of the most advanced technologies that fascinate us and have embedded deep into our lives. Not long ago, programming was seen as a new kind of art which involved learning complex machine languages and writing code was perceived as a never-ending laborious task.

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The Fine Line Between Programmers and Hackers

Learning the difference between a hacker and a programmer is especially important if you’re in charge for hiring in an IT solutions agency. The need for a programmer or hacker depends on the nature of a project you’re going to work on.

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The Cost of a Website

If you’re thinking about launching your own ship into the sea, the first thing that crossed your mind should’ve been “how much is it going to cost?”. I mean that’s why you’re here, right?

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Why Developers Need GitHub

GitHub is universally known as the Social Network for developers, with over 31 million users to date. If you’re here to find out what it’s all about, I’m guessing you’re new to programming or just generally curious.

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Mobile App Optimization 101

If your app tends to malfunction once in a blue moon, your snafu might be forgettable. On the other hand if the user encounters bugs, errors, freezes or crashes 2-3 times in a row, your app is done with!

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All You Need to Know About AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform that was first introduced in 2002, but officially re-launched by in 2006. At the beginning, the available resources were limited, but today there are over a 100 services, products and tools combined. These are basically a number of web hosting related services including networking, database, storage, migration, content delivery etc.

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The Gravity of SEO

The power of SEO is similar to that of the gravitational force. Just like Gravity pulls all matter towards earth, SEO attracts traffic towards websites.

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AngularJS and Node.js

JavaScript has come a long way from its lowly status as a quick patch for the limitations of HTML when it was used for little more than creating popup windows or making the user's cursor change colors. A whole host of JavaScript technologies has appeared on the web link style development scene in the past decade, and Angular and Node are firmly in line with that tradition.

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