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Why & How to Write Cleaner Code

If you think that code is fine as long as it works, you’re in for a huge surprise - guess what? It’s not! Clean code is in fact the fine line between Programming and Good Programming.

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3 Skills Developers Need to Succeed

Being able to code is not enough to become a truly successful Web or App developer. There is no denying that coding is the foundation of the career, but much more is required in order to achieve big goals. Nowadays the supply of developers in the market is abundant and the competition is fierce.

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Why Python is Great for Beginners

No matter what language you begin with, get ready to spend a lot of time together. You will have to build a solid relationship with it, and things get messy if your partner is complicated. Python is a reliable choice because it’s different from your regular machine language - it is as close to plain English as can be.

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7 Bad Habits Programmers Must Quit

Breaking a bad habit can be extremely challenging, especially for developers. But the thing is, once they abandon these toxic practices, they themselves and the people around will become much more tolerable. Here are 7 awful habits that are a cumulative of a larger number of traits found within programmers:

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5 Newbie Problems as a Programmer

Getting used to your first job environment and being handed your very first programming assignment are two different things. Together they are naturally stressful, and it’s all up to you how you handle it.

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ABCs to Shaping a Productive Workforce

Every organization expects it’s staff to give them their best and pave the road to success. Sometimes it is forgotten that achieving the perfect balance at a workplace is a game played from both sides. The output depends on your input - you harvest what you sow. Here are some basic strategies essential to garner a productive workforce:

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All You Need to Know About AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform that was first introduced in 2002, but officially re-launched by in 2006. At the beginning, the available resources were limited, but today there are over a 100 services, products and tools combined. These are basically a number of web hosting related services including networking, database, storage, migration, content delivery etc.

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Agile vs. other Software Development Models

There are several other development models actively being employed in the software development sector, but Agile dominates by proving to be more productive and efficient for short spanned projects.

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Cloud Server vs. Conventional Server

Conventional servers have been around for a long time and despite the arrival of cloud computing, remain in the picture. There’s no denying that the cloud concept is rapidly gaining acceptance and more people are embracing it. Only time will tell us if traditional computing will be replaced by the cloud technology or will both prevail?

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