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Leading Programming Languages in Cloud Computing

Although the Cloud ecosystem is capable of accommodating all kinds of programming languages, it works better with the ones that are more data-oriented. For this reason, the realm of languages suited for cloud computing differs as opposed to traditional choices.

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Introduction to Agile Development

'Agile’ used as an adjective in English language means the ability to move quickly and easily; synonymous for words like ‘nimble’ and ‘lively’. Regarding the matter of software development, it can be perceived as a methodology that allows the process to be carried out in a swift and convenient manner, while rapidly adapting to change.

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The Rise of Enterprise Mobile Apps

The adoption of Enterprise Mobile Apps has become a fad among large-scale organizations. All things considered, this trend is likely to keep growing in the future.

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Things You Must Know About Node.js

Despite having the experience of implementing Node.js in applications, there are things you might have missed or never discovered about this notorious JS component. We’ll start with the basics and maybe uncover some interesting facts along the way.

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Benefits of Hiring Junior Developers

Yes, experience is a valuable asset, but the greater aspects are the passion or drive to work and grow. Most youngsters fresh out of college have that enthusiasm and will do wonders if given the opportunity, at the right time and place.

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The Legend of JAVA

As a coding language, Java is an ocean - there’s a lot to explore and enact. On a side note, Java is also known as a synonym for ‘coffee’; does that make you wonder why it was chosen as the name for a computing language?

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A Comprehensive Guide to Outsourcing IT Solutions

The core operations of a business are generally limited and outsourcing becomes mandatory when they need to get something done that does not lie within the scope of their expertise. Instead of hiring new full-time employees, outsourcing is a more economical and practical approach.

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Leading Programming Languages 2019

Here's a list of programming languages that every programmer must know.

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How to Increase Website Traffic

Surveys suggest that 80% of humans that are not impressed by the first look of a website are likely to abandon it and never visit again...

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