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Explanation of Big Data

Big data is a faddish term that is constantly thrown around the business world, particularly the IT-based corporations. Some say it’s rather self-explanatory, while others get confused trying to shape a definition.

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Leading Programming Languages in Cloud Computing

Although the Cloud ecosystem is capable of accommodating all kinds of programming languages, it works better with the ones that are more data-oriented. For this reason, the realm of languages suited for cloud computing differs as opposed to traditional choices.

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The Branches of Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is a process that begins in the production stage and may remain active for decades. It follows the operations phase and is extremely important for ensuring that the performance & productivity of your software is not compromised.

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Top 10 Web Development Frameworks of 2018

In times like these the demand for web development is high and naturally there is a lot of competition. Nonetheless, the web development needs largely differ from person to person or business to business. Here’s a list of Web Development Frameworks that have been leading the race this year:

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Where To Learn Web Development and Designing on YouTube

Surprisingly, there are many skilled developers and designers who haven’t officially enrolled at an institution. At the end of the day it’s all about dedication and passion; sometimes YouTube tutorials and self study can take you a long way.

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