While HTML and CSS might be sufficient to create a basic Web page, it is Javascript that will put life into it. Therefore, everyone starting their career as a programmer is bound to learn this computer language. Note to self that if you’ve learned even a single Javascript framework, the next one will seem exceedingly do-able and it gets easier along the way. Although numerous Javascript frameworks have been released to date, ancient ones lose their charm as newer and better ones emerge.

Among all Javascript frameworks that exist, below are those most frequently adopted nowadays:

  1. React Js
  2. Vue Js
  3. Angular Js

Now if you’re an experienced web developer and well aware of JavaScript frameworks, you must be wondering why I did not place Vue Js in the top spot? Sure enough Vue Js is the most popular JavaScript framework in the market today and has earned 1st place on Github, being starred more than 40K times. However, let’s not forget that the rise to fame is somewhat recent, whereas React Js has been in the lead for years. Moreover, it has a stronger base owing to the backing of gigantic corporations, such as Facebook.

Vue Js is modern, and popular for being efficient and lighter. The demand of Vue Js developers is rising, nonetheless the job market for React Js is guaranteed to stay strong for several years to come. Angular Js is among the original frameworks of Javascript that first came out in 2010. Despite the arrival of other newer frameworks, Angular.js, Angular2 and Angular4 are still thriving, being implied by numerous multinational firms. Last year, a feature-packed Angular5 was also released, but it’s still a bit early to say if it’s actually worthwhile. In conclusion, React, Vue and Angular currently take the top 3 places in the world of JavaScript frameworks.

Now let us take a look at some plus points regarding all 3 frameworks:

Vue Js

  • Small size – prevents programs from hanging or becoming sluggish/slow
  • Easier to learn compared to bigger frameworks
  • It conveniently blends with other development languages/frameworks, such as Laravel

React Js

  • Makes the most SEO-friendly web pages
  • Free and open source
  • Accepts code that is already written

Angular Js

  • It uses Typescript
  • Managed by Google & built on years of experience
  • Allows good SEO and fast browsing

At the end of the day, Github rating is not enough to guide you that which framework will work best with your requirements. One way to decide on the topic is by viewing prior projects of the frameworks and then comparing them to yours. For example, if you’re planning to create a website for a clothing line, go online check which framework was integrated by other big brands in your field or which website’s layout/features is best suited to your tastes. Most of the time it is best to use a combination of frameworks as to diversify the functionality of your app or website.

There are several other Java frameworks that are being utilized and have some steady demand/value in the web & app developing market; these include Node.js, Ember.js, and Meteor.js. 


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