What is WordPress?

WordPress is a platform that was once known for blogging, but now it a free CMS (content management system) that offers 500,000+ tools to create websites online. It is written in PHP and is open source, allowing you to customize and utilize it however you want. Anyone can download the wordpress software from the official site and use it for developing their web app, after obtaining a domain name and hosting server.

Who’s Using It?

Today there are over 1.8 billion websites in existence and about 25% of them are using WordPress because it is the #1 CMS of the world. It’s share in the CMS market is almost 60% which is way higher than its strongest competitors: Joomla(7%) and Drupal(5%).

WordPress is widely used by IT developers worldwide for creating websites as it is easier and faster than starting from scratch. It can even be used my beginners and people with no prior technical knowledge with regard to building websites; a website can be set up without writing any code. For someone planning to start their career in the tech world, it is greatly rewarding to learn WordPress. The learning curve is smaller and steeper as compared to conventional computer languages. It is being used by big names like Walt Disney, Marks & Spencer, Wall Street Journal, Mercedes Benz and Katy Perry. The demand for WordPress developers is high and pays as good as any other app development jobs.


  • It’s Basically Free – Not only is the WordPress software free to download, the majority of plug-ins it showcases are also complimentary. Many are paid as well, but none are too expensive. You can easily build a simple application using the free tools alone.
  • Easy to Adopt – Non-IT people can also easily learn to create and operate a website or app in WordPress. With a couple of online tutorials you can even work with it’s most advanced features.
  • Diverse – This CMS can be used for building any kind of website or application. The options are endless: a simple blog to complex social networking sites. There are thousands of ready-made themes & templates to choose from, i.e there’s something for every kind of business.
  • Customizable – As WordPress is open source, anyone can contribute to it and manipulate it. The support is huge, owing to a large community worldwide. Using a bit of technical skills, one can easily alter available products to create something exquisitely unique.
  • Accommodating Back End – The administration panel is extremely straightforward to work with. Any ameteur can figure out how to post, make edits etc., once the app has been set up. The layout is very predictable and you can get most things done just by clicking a button. The back-end can be controlled by multiple users and the owner can set the level of accessibility for each.
  • Smooth Management – WordPress automatically notifies of any available updates, so you’re just a click away from all the necessary upgrades. You get all the latest resources and features in one place; no need to purchase from or hire a third-party.
  • High Compatibility – WordPress is not limited to text and can be used to upload and embed all kinds of media files. It supports all kinds of formats whether it’s images, videos, podcasts or anything else. It can be used with all operating systems such as Windows and Linux.  
  • Printer Friendly – Unlike many other websites, WordPress adjusts very well with printing systems because of its easy-to-read content.
  • SEO Ready – The CMS has built-in SEO capability which helps your website frequently show up in relative search results. You can also install additional plugins to further enhance your ranking in search engines.
  • Reliable – WordPress provides a secure ecosystem as long as you keep it updated. However, you can always integrate extra protection to effectively keep bad hackers away.
  • Scalable – WordPress is ideal for entertaining big databases, let it be an Ecommerce website featuring thousands of products or a social app with over one million active users.

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