Talking of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education, researchers have noticed an extraordinary gender imbalance within the discipline. Although female percentage in the natural science departments has greatly improved, the number has declined for remaining fields, especially Technology and Engineering. Every year more women than men graduate from college, yet their share in STEM is less than 25% at present. When it comes to computing and programming, that’s where woman representation is at its lowest. In the 90s, tech women accounted for 30-35% of the workforce, but now the number has dropped below 20%.

You can walk into any IT firm or computer science class, and you’ll easily notice a majority of males. In fact, several IT firms do not even hire female candidates for mostly imbecile reasons. Despite the rapid transition towards equity and a more liberal society over the last decade, a plethora of biased opinions still remain strong. The minority of women in tech is the result of unfair treatment and discouraging attitude towards them. They are seen as outcasts who cannot live up to the ‘male standards’ in programming, software engineering and relative professions. Women are not directly taunted or harshly insulted, but constantly reminded of their inferiority through subtle gestures and words.

Many women have surpassed the achievements of men in a wide array of careers, including IT-based positions. Many male-dominated organizations refuse to accept the fact that including women in their staff could bring about a positive change. They stick to their conventional ideologies without providing a chance where someone could prove them wrong. Here are some of the basic benefits a company can cultivate by allowing women to be a part of their team:

Diversity in the Environment

Every work-space/office thrives when there’s a bigger pool of ideas and a variety of opinions expressed. It is healthy to include people having different beliefs, ethnicities, social backgrounds and personalities. As men and women naturally have a different way of looking at things and solving problems, having both on board opens new doors or unexplored territories. Women also tend to be more imaginative and creative, in contrast to the opposite gender.

Workplace Civility

A feminine touch can have a number of positive impacts on the surrounding. Similar to the way a woman is capable of managing household economics so brilliantly, she can apply the same set of skills to the workplace. Research shows that companies which took the initiative to include females in their team became more professional and productive as a whole. A no-female scene allows the male staff to remain in a comfort zone which negatively affects work. Working with females encourages the implementation of cleaner, healthier and courteous habits.

Motherly Instincts are Helpful

Every woman possesses motherly instincts that will show sometimes, if not often. This helps them exercise great leadership qualities and eagerly participate in team work. They are good at motivational speeches, mentoring others and eager to lend a helping hand. Compared to men, they are more enthusiastic to pinpoint mistakes and impose perfection. They are driven to clear up any mess or clutter; organizing and managing are valuable skills for every business. As far as software development is concerned, the mentioned characteristics are ideal for testing and QA posts.

Promotion of Female-oriented Products

There are a tremendous amount of applications in all leading app stores that are strictly created for women. These range from dress-up games for young girls to ovulation tracking apps for adult ladies. Most of these apps are designed by males who have no emotional connection to the project. As a result, the design lacks the ingenuity and luster to be successful among the targeted audience. The input of a tech woman could do wonders, as she can relate to the user in one or more ways; only women understand women after all!

How Tech Jobs are well-suited for Women

Men occupy greater physical power and women excel in mental strength. Tech jobs are entirely about utilizing the brain cells, thus eliminating the need of bodily exertion. Women are better at multitasking and maintaining focus; they even enjoy dealing with complicated issues.  Apart from that, most tech jobs allow working from home. This is another quality fitting for women who want to make time for household responsibilities. Tech jobs are abundant nowadays and there are a lot of options; above all they pay well. Most tech jobs will permit self-expression, innovation and artistry – three things feminists support.

Convincing Women to Opt for Tech Careers

Given the ample talent and potential of working woman today, the world needs more of them in the tech industry. First of all, men need to be part of this campaign; as a father, a brother, a husband, a friend or merely a fellow human being – make it your duty to support their dream and boost their confidence. If a woman is introduced into a male-dominated organization, men should simply see her as another person like themselves. She should be judged on her talent and hard work, rather than gender.

If you yourself are a woman in tech, become a mentor and let the youth see what can be accomplished. If possible, volunteer at local NGOs that work in the interest of women, and spread awareness regarding tech possibilities. Unfortunately, IT is a topic that is usually introduced at college level. That is the time when students are finalizing their majors and planning careers. If computer science/technology is made part of the curriculum at an earlier stage (elementary/middle school), it will help develop interest within a bigger circumference of pupils.

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