OUR Services.

Web Development

  • CMS
    • If you need to change your website looks regularly or develop a new website, you should consider Xoho Tech’s easy-to-use Content CMS website development services which offers to create and develop, edit and publish your website content easily.
  • E-commerce
    • Whether you are a new to the ecommerce market space or an experienced veteran, every business individual can take benefit from our easy ecommerce services.
  • App Development
    • At Xoho tech we deliver complex requirements in a simple solution by creating influential, high performance mobile apps, keeping your accomplishment in mind.
  • Browser Extensions
    • At Xoho tech we develop browser add-ons, extensions, toolbars and mobile apps based on your commercial needs. Being the leading software house Xoho Tech delivers proven technical solutions for all internet browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

  • IOS App Development
    • With a skill for innovation, Xoho Tech is a top iPhone application developer with one of the most established iOS development experts in the business.
  • Android App Development
    • Xoho Tech is a best Android application developer and has one of the most advanced, experienced and innovative development experts in the business.

Cloud Migration & Consultancy

  • Dev Ops
    • Xoho Tech DevOps Services allow you to develop, track, plan, and deploy software in one place efficiently
  • Big Data Consultancy
    • Big data and advanced analytics are making new opportunities for the industry, and Xoho Tech has the ability to syndicate the right people, tools, data and organizational focus to let your business to take advantage of it.
  • Network Design & Architecture
    • Our Network Architecture and Design services can help you to enterprise and engineer, procure, implement or mix an existing architecture into a whole network and system solution

Dev Ops & Network Services

  • PZV Migration
  • Network Security Devices
  • PCI/HIPA Compliance

Our company provides full range of Dev Ops & Network Services, Cloud Computing Migration & Consultancy, Big Data Consultancy, Enterprise Mobile App Development and Web Development services. You can hire our highly competent developers to spread your team distantly or order a full-cycle custom software development package.

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