Xoho Tech is a premier company that offers Dev Ops & Network Services, Cloud Computing Migration & Consultancy, Big Data Consultancy, Enterprise Mobile App Development and Web Development services. At Xoho Tech we deliver complex yet eminent solutions on a variety of technology platforms to clients ranging from multi-national companies to dynamic startups. Our immaculate track record spans 10 years and includes helping develop well over a thousand successful software projects that generated millions of dollars for our clients.

By combining a broad range of technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment towards client satisfaction, we have become an confident option for businesses looking for custom software enterprise mobile app development and web development, including supplementing in-house resources in the provision of delivery of discrete project components, incorporation of the latest technology with existing enterprise infrastructure, creating complex interactive and multimedia environments.

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Our Process.

At Xoho Tech our approach to work is more than just the way we get work done. It is about the policies we deploy to assist our customers to grow their business virtually, by using an inventive yet agile way with 1 week sprints and test-driven improvement ways. We won’t tell you fake stories we just make sure that what we say it works.



You define the project necessities for us and we execute it with your cooperation.

Project Plan

Project Plan

The planning stage is pivotal for the execution of work. We make sure that our planning phase meets our client’s utmost expectations.



With massive experience, rationalized communication and procedures; & latest development management tools, we lead you through software development life cycle.

Daily Scrum

With our iterative and progressive agile software development approach we guarantee that product development is managed effectively.

Weekly Sprints

At Xoho Tech with our scrum technique of agile software development, we confine ourselves to regular, repeatable work cycle, we use scrum sprints that are one-week long.

Sprint Planning Meetups

Our scrum team creates and commits themselves to instant goals and recognizes requirements that back that goal by a set of user stories and secondary tasks that they are achieved on time.

Project Launch

Project Launch

Using our innovative agile methodology with one-week sprints and test-driven development we make sure a successful project launch within the given time period of the client.


Adeel Ahmad

Chief Executive Officer

Adeel is a successful individual who has ventured far into the web development field. As a software engineer he has emerged as a team leader from a team member. He has always displayed a remarkable talent for software engineering and presented great entrepreneurial skills. After graduating in Computer Sciences, he excelled in the field of software development by polishing new abilities along the way and utilizing them in his work to achieve his desired skills. He was promoted to project manager, where he later motivated his customers and development team in developing vast scale web applications.

Currently Adeel is a Chief Executive Officer at Xoho Tech where he exhibits his business aptitude and business motivation. Xoho Tech offers quality services in line with his vision, and we’re pleased to say our customers are satisfied with our services.

Nouman Tayyab

Vice President Engineering

Nouman has a certified bachelor’s degree in computer science and by specialization, he is a software engineer. He was promoted to senior application developer before starting his career as a development manager. At Xoho Tech Nouman’s duties include project and team management. He leads development teams using agile scrum methodology, manages a wide range of projects that includes numerous developers and quality assurance specialists. He leads as well as manages application development and deployment. Being a motivational Vice President Engineering, Xoho Tech aims to evolve under his motivational endeavors.