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Why Python is Great for Beginners

No matter what language you begin with, get ready to spend a lot of time together. You will have to build a solid relationship with it, and things get messy if your partner is complicated. Python is a reliable choice because it’s different from your regular machine language - it is as close to plain English as can be.

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Getting to know ELK Stack

The ELK stack is the most widely used log analytics platform around the globe today, serving as a complete and economical solution. It is also known as the Elastic stack and its popularity is growing alongside the adoption of public clouds.

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Digital Marketing in Tech-based Environments

Digital Marketing is relevant to every type of business because it has become the norm of advertising campaigns. However, the demand for digital marketing professionals has particularly boomed within the IT industry.

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Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are phrases that have become mainstream because they’re embedded in the best of what modern technology has to offer. Although both originate from a common school of thought, they do not mean the same thing.

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The Branches of Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is a process that begins in the production stage and may remain active for decades. It follows the operations phase and is extremely important for ensuring that the performance & productivity of your software is not compromised.

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Explanation of Big Data

Big data is a faddish term that is constantly thrown around the business world, particularly the IT-based corporations. Some say it’s rather self-explanatory, while others get confused trying to shape a definition.

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All About Jenkins & CI/CD

Jenkins can be defined as a continuous CI/CD server written in Java. It simplifies the building of projects through automation of numerous tedious tasks. It is a free open source platform that can be used for self-hosting software applications.

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Web, Native & Hybrid Apps – Know the Difference

Have you ever mentioned that you want to create an application and the person before you asked whether you’re talking about a web app, native app or hybrid app?

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Agile vs. other Software Development Models

There are several other development models actively being employed in the software development sector, but Agile dominates by proving to be more productive and efficient for short spanned projects.

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