Our experts combine innovation and put data to work; we implement solutions and make sure that they befit all your business needs.


Web Development

At Xoho Tech we offer development and integration services with wide range of tailored business needs. We have an extensive experience in custom database driven web development as well our experts have hands on experience on various custom software modules and web project development.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

Xoho Tech is an enterprise-class mobile app development business that allows various companies to quickly develop, deploy, and manage custom, built in apps for iPhone, iPad, and android smartphones without complex codes. We enable organizations to approach their potential customers aptly with unique custom made mobile apps that have the ability to add value to their business.

Big Data Consultancy

Big data and advanced analytics are generating dynamic new opportunities for industries, yet there are very few companies that are able to syndicate the right people, tools, data and strategic focus to take focus. To incorporate the real value of the big data, businesses require strategic solutions. Xoho Tech analytical capabilities help to make sure that your business builds the right skills to dig out data for insights that can allow your business to make better decisions.

Cloud Migration & Consultancy

Xoho Tech delivers a detailed suite of Cloud Computing Migration and consultancy services that engages a global Migration Center of Excellence and best-in-class expert’s skills to methodically assess your options, ensure a fruitful migration and, if wanted, manage your modernized work setting.

Dev Ops & Network Services

Dev Ops is a cultural approach enabling collaboration among web development and operational teams, with the aim to revolutionize procedures for organizational deployment and competence. Dev Ops service at Xoho Tech mixes and matches development and operations teams by mechanizing infrastructure and workflows, and uninterruptedly measuring application’s performance, thereby serving organizations and allowing them to focus on its core business objectives.


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