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What We Do

We nourish your business by providing complete IT solutions: creating and enhancing Web/Mobile Applications, Revamping all your Data, getting you on the Cloud and everything else you need. We see each project as a seedling that in addition to water and food, requires an optimum environment to grow & become fruitful.


Xoho Tech provides a wide range of top-notch web development services including different custom software modules and database-driven applications. No matter how complex your business requirements - we conquer and deliver at all costs.


We design and develop Mobile apps suitable to support organizations that demand enterprise className services. Our custom mobile apps stand out from the user interface to the back end, providing a smooth experience for you and your customers.


Using our services and ideas, you can sell your stuff online like a pro. Our E-commerce solutions can efficiently manage thousands of products at a time. We specialize in customer support and keeping track of all transactions to provide a perfect balance.


The preference amid internet browsers varies. Windows users might choose Chrome or Explorer, iOS fans may lean towards Safari, Mozilla and Opera are pretty competent too - hence we design extensions, add-ons, plug-ins, etc. for all.

Xoho is Different.

Xoho Tech Represents Diversity

We have an ample supply of talented developers who are empowered to use their imagination and be inventive. Abolishing a one-track mindset brings out the true meaning of teamwork. When everybody gets a say, only then can all possibilities be explored.


Xoho’s Clients are Family

Our belief lies in long term association and equity. Projects at all scales are considered equally important. Instead of working remotely we encourage your involvement throughout the project, for a bigger and better experience.

Team Xoho Thinks Big

We go all out to encourage creativity and thinking out of the box. Our goal is to produce something unique and versatile for every client. Your interests are our top priority and we make sure to seal deals in a win-win situation.

Our Process.

At Xoho Tech we believe in more than just getting the work done. Our policies assist customers grow, deploying inventive yet agile means. We won’t tell you fake stories, we make miracles happen.

Exchange of Ideas

At an early stage, communication is the key to success. We start with listening to your ideas and understand what you visualize. We in return give you a detailed layout of how everything can be practically achieved.

Concept Assessment and Preparation

The value and feasibility of the project are worked out, also the interests of both parties are calculated. Once we reach an agreement, the execution plan is set out.

Developing the Product

Sprint meetups are organized with regard to the complexity of the product and Scrum is used to facilitate the entire process. Each Sprint lasts about 2 weeks.


After a stable and functional product has been achieved, it is thoroughly tested by experts to eliminate any shortcomings.

Maintenance and Optimization

After completion of the project, we assist you in maintaining and optimizing the live product performance.


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