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Urban Abodes

A New Design

Urban Abodes enlists the best apartments available to rent in Chicago’s top shelf neighborhoods. They help landlords find good tenants and vice versa. They represent a variety of homes to suit different tastes and requirements. You can also choose between different styles, such as Victorian, retro, modern etc.- according to your budget. This service is completely free for renters and only landlords are required to pay a fee.

Urban Adobes has over 25 years of experience in real estate leasing. Their objective is to make the whole process easier for both parties by providing the greatest amount of transparency. Their agents provide effective & widespread marketing to landlords; their up-to-date technology can produce a virtual interactive experience for every apartment. The landlord’s safety is the top priority, therefore a thorough screening process applies on each tenant.

While the old site we designed was a trend-setting, lead generation machine… it was time to take it up a notch. While obvious new opportunities for high-impact full-screen imagery was used, the real emphasis was on creating a design which minimized user fatigue throughout the complete apartment search to schedule a viewing process. The result is easy on the eyes and geared to convert.


Mobile Matters

A detailed review of the past site’s performance revealed that almost 50% of Urban Abodes’s traffic was from mobile - the rise in mobile being the primary access point to the internet is trend which shows no sign of abating. We future- proofed Urban Abodes website, with the goal of making the apartment search feature incredibly easy to use on the go, allowing users to schedule apartment viewings, shortlist and favorite multiple units and make quick inquiries in a snap.

App Backed

An even leaner search tool than the mobile site, our Urban Abodes Apartment Search App was designed for the discerning user and Urban Abodes’s vast sales force. Lighting fast results displays multiple housing options based on your location in just a few clicks… The perfect high-volume Chicago apartment search tool.

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