The modern era is the IT era, technology is booming like never before and the simplest tasks of the day have become digital. There is no denying that computers control major aspects of our lives and if you’re not on the web, can you really exist?

In times like these the demand for web development is high and naturally there is a lot of competition. Nonetheless, the web development needs largely differ from person to person or business to business. Here’s a list of Web Development Frameworks that have been leading the race this year:

   1) AngularJS

AngularJS belongs to Google and is a JavaScript based open source front-end web application framework. It is hugely popular among single web page applications as it helps to simplify and speed up their functionality applying MVC and MVVM architectures. It’s latest stable version was released back in June 2018 and is known to be used on websites such as NBC, ABC News, Intel, and Walgreens.

   2) was first introduced by Microsoft more than 16 years ago and is so far their most successful development framework. It is an open-source server side web application framework extensively used in the designing of dynamic web pages. is a mature platform that can build enterprise class web applications on Windows.

  3)  Cake PHP

Cake PHP is the most popular development framework written in the PHP format and is much inspired by Ruby on Rails. It is another open source web framework that implies the MVC approach, and also data mapping. This allows one to reuse old codes which saves a lot of time and speeds up the process. This developing framework is favorited by many developers as it is comparatively easy to use when creating complex applications.

  4)  Laravel

Laravel is most suitable for those working with back-end E-commerce websites. The best feature of this web developing framework is that it eases authentication procedures, enabling organized & controlled access to resources. In addition, it offers a built-in tool called Artisan that takes care of repetitive and tiresome programming tasks that developers dread the most.

   5) Meteorjs

Meteorjs is a free open-source Javascript web framework applicable in both front and back-end development. The convenience of this framework is that is has an extensive library. This means lesser code has to be written which results in more fool-proof app as bugs are readily eliminated.

   6)  Node.js

Node.js is another javascript framework preferred globally for platforms dealing with real-time applications and a regular bulky flow of data. This developing framework makes websites light and efficient. It can handle multiple functions at a time and prevents the system from lagging or slowing down. It is officially compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, SmartOS, IBM AIX and FreeBSD.

   7)  React.js

React.js is basically an open source Javascript library used in designing User Interface. It is primarily maintained by Facebook, however also controlled by a large community of developers. This framework is popular for its capability to create challenging applications having complex algorithms.

   8)  Ruby on Rails

This web framework is among the very few that have received particularly positive feedback from majority of developers. The reason RoR is admired is that it makes tasks interesting and therefore work seems like fun. This framework is absolutely free, open-source and runs on Linux. It lets developers climb to higher stages of a process at a faster rate.

   9)  Symfony

Symfony is one of the most stable web frameworks in the market at present. It is best-suited for complicated web projects where changes need to be made quite often due to business requirements. Symfony provides extreme flexibility so you can create a vast range of applications as if composing a symphony.

   10) Yii

Yii is simple and evolutionary, living up to it’s meaning in Chinese. Yii framework is rather similar in working to It is ideal for developing applications that encounter too much repetitiveness in tasks and pursues RAD (Rapid Application Development). The advantage of Yii is that it runs applications in shorter periods of time which makes upgrading and downgrading of versions a fairly trouble-free task.  


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