The demand for Web Developers and Designers is increasing day by day. Businesses worldwide whether small-scale or large-scale have begun to realize the importance and impact of an online presence. The Internet and Social Media is considered the shortcut to fame and recognition in all parts of the globe. As a matter of fact there are countless jobs for those who have know-how relative to the construction and generation of websites and Mobile apps.

Most universities all over the continent have courses and degree programmes for learning the art of web development and design. It has become a necessity because a lot of people want to pursue this field and it has value with respect to financial returns. Unfortunately, many people aren’t up for spending so much time or money; some have other reasons. Surprisingly, there are many skilled developers and designers who haven’t officially enrolled at an institution. At the end of the day it’s all about dedication and passion; sometimes YouTube tutorials and self study can take you a long way.

Here’s a handful of YouTube Channels that can teach you a lot about web development and designing completely free of charge:

This is a US based channel run by Will Stern and has over 500K followers. Videos are usually posted fortnightly and cover a wide range of topics including HTML, Javascript, CSS, Responsive Design, DevOps, Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, Docker and Server administration.

The Net Ninja

The net Ninja is a great U.K based YouTube channel dedicated to providing very detailed tutorial series for various web development frameworks. It was created back in 2015 and has gained almost 200k subscribers to date. This channel is best for people already in this field seeking to refine their skills.


If you’re interested in learning some high-end and progressive graphic designing skills, then this is the place to go. TutVid is another US-based YouTube channel owned by Nathaniel Dodson and has accomplished over 700K subscribers since 2006. Here you can learn a lot about Adobe Photoshop, film editing, Adobe illustrator, and much more.


Dev tips is a popular European channel that mainly focuses on Web Development, but also covers neighboring topics such as designing. This site is highly recommended for Newbies as it uploads weekly videos and has some fairly informative stuff on personal development.

The New Boston

Saving best for the last, this is the YouTube channel that only started in 2008 and has already reached 2 million subscribers. It’s evident that users have rated it as the best as it has already shared over 4000 tutorials which also incorporate game developing strategies.

All the above mentioned channels are helpful both professionally and for amateur experimenting. People from other professions can also take advantage if they wish to take up developing or designing as a hobby. Other people benefiting from these tutorials include authors and teachers, who transmit the information further to readers and students. People trying to set up a small home-based online business or start-ups that lack sufficient funding to hire a professional too can benefit a lot from these sources.

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