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The Future of Coding

Code is the foundation of the most advanced technologies that fascinate us and have embedded deep into our lives. Not long ago, programming was seen as a new kind of art which involved learning complex machine languages and writing code was perceived as a never-ending laborious task.

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The Horizon of a Full Stack Developer

‘Developer’ is a composite term in the IT industry because the knowledge of different developers can vary to a great extent. Development is a tree having countless branches; you can grab one or maybe eleven, perhaps not all.

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The Perks of Amazon CloudFront

The Amazon Cloudfront is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) provided by AWS, the world’s largest Cloud Computing platform. Cloudfront offers a globally spread out network of proxy servers that cache website content.

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The Rise of Enterprise Mobile Apps

The adoption of Enterprise Mobile Apps has become a fad among large-scale organizations. All things considered, this trend is likely to keep growing in the future.

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Too Much JavaScript Causing Blunders

Too much JavaScript not only stretches out the launch time of websites, but also causes SEO problems. Google prefers to pick up ‘texts’ rather than ‘images’. At the end of the day lesser users will find your site and those who do, will probably disappear before it has finished downloading.

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Introduction to Web Development & Web Design

Web Development and Web Design are probably among the most frequently used terms of the 21st century. They have become an integral part of small and big businesses worldwide and the scope is limitless. People tend to confuse the terms with one another or use them as an alternative for each other. Truth be told, they are completely separate roads, running parallel to each other.

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Things You Must Know About Node.js

Despite having the experience of implementing Node.js in applications, there are things you might have missed or never discovered about this notorious JS component. We’ll start with the basics and maybe uncover some interesting facts along the way.

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Where To Learn Web Development or Designing on YouTube

Surprisingly, there are many skilled developers and designers who haven’t officially enrolled at an institution. At the end of the day it’s all about dedication and passion; sometimes YouTube tutorials and self study can take you a long way.

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The Best Front-End Frameworks of JavaScript 2019

While HTML and CSS might be sufficient to create a basic Web page, it is Javascript that puts life into it. Therefore, everyone starting their career as a developer is bound to learn this computer language. Today, it is a major part of front-end and back-end software development.

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