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Where To Learn Web Development or Designing on YouTube

Surprisingly, there are many skilled developers and designers who haven’t officially enrolled at an institution. At the end of the day it’s all about dedication and passion; sometimes YouTube tutorials and self study can take you a long way.

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Too Much JavaScript Causing Blunders

Too much JavaScript not only stretches out the launch time of websites, but also causes SEO problems. Google prefers to pick up ‘texts’ rather than ‘images’. At the end of the day lesser users will find your site and those who do, will probably disappear before it has finished downloading.

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ABCs to Shaping a Productive Workforce

Every organization expects it’s staff to give them their best and pave the road to success. Sometimes it is forgotten that achieving the perfect balance at a workplace is a game played from both sides. The output depends on your input - you harvest what you sow. Here are some basic strategies essential to garner a productive workforce:

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3 Skills Developers Need to Succeed

Being able to code is not enough to become a truly successful Web or App developer. There is no denying that coding is the foundation of the career, but much more is required in order to achieve big goals. Nowadays the supply of developers in the market is abundant and the competition is fierce.

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Programmers, Here’s How You Get Hired!

Programming is a diverse field and it keeps growing with upgraded versions of computer languages. Every year several new development frameworks and tools surface, while many older ones drown. So my first question is that why do you consider yourself a competent programmer how are you eligible to be hired by any kind of IT agency?

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The A-List Ruby Frameworks

Ruby is a powerful programming platform that has been around for almost two decades. Ruby frameworks that are globally trusted by developers and implemented by internationally recognized corporations.

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Introducing PHP

PHP is a general purpose computer language that is easy and forgiving in nature. You’ll have no problems in grasping the concepts, especially if you’re already familiar with ‘C’.

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Distinguishing UX from UI and Vise Versa

UX Design and UI Design are confused with each other because of the ‘Design’ part. Both terms sprung from the IT industry, and despite the disparity they do go hand in hand.

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7 Bad Habits Programmers Must Quit

Breaking a bad habit can be extremely challenging, especially for developers. But the thing is, once they abandon these toxic practices, they themselves and the people around will become much more tolerable. Here are 7 awful habits that are a cumulative of a larger number of traits found within programmers:

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